André was a jazz drummer in his teens and twenties, performing in jazz clubs and with friends. He once received an award for being the best jazz drummer in Belgium.

Below are a few tracks he recorded with some friends in Lebanon.

Lady Is a Tramp
Mood Indigo
On The Sunny Side of the Street
Out Of Nowhere
Take The “A” Train

The group went by the name Her Master’s Noise, a play on the name of the RCA record company His Master’s Voice. One of the band members had a dog that looked a bit like the RCA one, so they found a gramophone and took this photo:

Another band member worked for a record company. They snuck in at night and printed some 45s of their songs, in black, red, and green vinyl:

This track was recorded much earlier, possibly back in Belgium, with an unknown band.

Swingin’ the Blues

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